giovedì 15 novembre 2018


Ready for  a new design? yes??? here we go!!! RED ORNAMENTS a new one to download as soon as you buy it. Easy and quick just perfect for ornament or little gift to a dear friend. You can find this pattern here:
..and 32ct Little Vichy here:
Pronte per un nuovo disegno? Eccolo, RED ORNAMENTS e lo potete trovare come e-pattern sul mio sito qui:, ricamato sul mio lino 32ct Little Vichy che potete trovare qui:
keep on Stitching                                 xxx Niky

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Misa ha detto...

Hi my name is Misa I will share two articel from my blog.

- Fisrt Baby? Be Positif Thinking, Mom
- Please, Stop Mom War

Hope you like, thank you.