lunedì 17 marzo 2008


Ecco ultimato questo Quaker Alphabet di La d Da, ho usato il nuovo lino della Weeks dye work nella tonalità 'Beige' e fili di seta CC. E' un piccolo sampler come dimensioni, ricco di ricamo e semplice nel risultato finale.
It's finally finished this new La D Da Quaker Alphabet. I like it because it's a lot of work but it's simple too. Weeks dye work linen and CC silks.

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Picotì ha detto...

Sempre in salita, come al solito....degno della mamma di una ...DOTTORESSA!

Elena ha detto...

Semplicemente stupendo!
Ce l'ho anch'io in stand by da iniziare..spero presto!
ciao Elena

Jennifer/OH ha detto...

Hello Nicky,
I come to your blog through "Quaker Inspired". I joined that group a few weeks ago. It is the first blog group I have ever joined and I have only had my own blog for a few months. I have been stitching for many years though. Your work is simply beautiful!! I love the Quaker designs. Right now I am working on "Heart and Hand" freebie from Hands to Work designs. I would like to try the Quaker animals exchange, but I have never done an exchange before. I think my work schedule would not allow me to stitch enough to make the deadline. Also I do not have much money right now to buy the patterns. Oh well, for now I just enjoy your wonderful work.

Tanya ha detto...

LOVE this one!!!

Tanya :)