mercoledì 8 gennaio 2014


 My dear friends, so sorry I've been without update my blog for few days but things are going on so fast and that's a very very busy time for me.
I'm working very hard to set everything for Nashville, I just received the number of my own booth and I'll share it very soon. Three new designs and a kit( hopefully), hand-dyed linen,  useful needlework handmade lot of interesting news indeed!
But today I want to show something for Valentine!!!
 Here my Flowers e-patterns , lot of ideas for tokens of friendship!!!
 ...and those are my Valentine e-pattern, almost new but really always so lovely!!!

..and that's my new e-  pattern: BASKET HEART already on my Etsy.
Please spend a while to visit my Etsy and you'll find more Hearts available as e-patterns.

 ..and I want to thank  all the stitchers who made their subscription to THE WORLD OF SMALL CLUB!!! Subscriptions are still open do not mind you're not in late, there's always time to write me for more information about it!!! Kits are sending all over the world, most in US but this morning one of them flew in Australia and two in Portugal, Spain and Belgium and ROME...Fantastic!!! Thank you guys!!!

 It's all for today my dears, see you very soon but... in the meantime stay warm and stitch!!!
Warming smiles!!!                                         xxx Niky.

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Sandra ha detto...

Everything is just beautiful!

Anna Angela ha detto...

Bellissimi e romantici, complimenti!

Agulha, Cores & Ideias ha detto...

very nice!