lunedì 24 agosto 2015


Hello there!!!! Busy busy time here !!!! Fall is in the air,..well, not really but it's so raining here that it looks like Autumn.
 I'm so very busy setting for my Fall Markets. Fili senzaTempo Formigine 'll be in the middle of September and can hardly wait to meet all my designers and stitchers friends!!!
I've 8 designs ready for you, inspired by Fall , Harvest and Christmas ,I cannot show them now but I'll in the next few days for sure.
In the meantime I'm doing some handmades so funny and nice!!! Here my thimbles pincushions!!! Do you like them? They're so sweet!!! dont' you think so? I used vintage thimbles found at flea markets and scraps of nice cotton fabric, I added some pretty pins they're on my Etsy already!!! You can use these as pincushions or as a pendenty to hang with a nice ribbon like a necklace, just an idea!!! so, enjoy my Thimble pincushions and happy stitching my friends!

2 commenti:

Linda ha detto...

They are so sweet and such delicate items.

Cristina ha detto...

Deliziosi! Baci, a presto!