domenica 28 maggio 2017


My dear friends, time is passing so fast and I'm here to have  a look on my blog only now since long time...sorry for my delay but I've been really so busy. 
I'm showing you today some pictures of Celebrations of Needlework show where I've been the first week end of May. So much fun indeed!!! and so happy to meet all those kind ladies.
 I've been in Boston too, and visited the town of Concord, the little village where Little Women writer was born, actually I had the opportunuty to visit that house and cannot tell you my emotion !!!
I had so much fun in Boston is a town that I really like very much and I'm going to go back and visit more of this beautiful area.
...More later my friends with more pictures and news.
Love you all and..keep on Stitching!!! xxx Niky.

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