sabato 28 gennaio 2017

TWOSC 2017

 Hello everybody are ready for another year together with TWOSC 2017? here is the first project for you. A beautiful pincushion and scissors case. Do you like it?First Kits are ready to go...
here all information about:
The project consists of three exclusive and limited edition kits that
will get to the club members on January,
May and September.
Each kit includes: exclusive design, finishing instructions
linen, threads, fabrics , wools, buttons... everything you need for
stitching and finishing the project.
The total cost is $ 100, shipping included, for all the three kits.
It is possible to pay in advance on my Paypal account
This is the only initial cost, in this way you can book the
membership of the club and the kits that, because of the materials
contained, are exclusive.
All the projects will be different and I'll show them at the end of each quarter
month on my blog and my facebook page and instagram.
I thought it would be nice to keep us in company for one year with a
simple and exclusive quick embroidery.
So...why don't you pick up your needle and start this adventure???!!!

Fun is garanted.
I look forward to your kind reply with your home address in order

to send you immediately your first kit to make the lovely 'Scissors keeper and
pincushion' .
Keep on Stitching ..                                   XXXNiky.

lunedì 23 gennaio 2017


Hello my dear friends, it's a busy time here !!! I'm setting news for Nashville market 2017. I'm so happy to be able to show you two of my new six designs for Spring.
BE FRIEND , is a very sweet sampler with really soft colors. I love cotton tail bunnies jumping on the grass, and the dresses of the little girls are really adorable..don't you like them?
The second picture is HOUSE OF COOKING!!!! My 'House of'..collection is going on and this year is the year of the kitchen
.stay tuned my friends.....more later with more news.
keep on stitching                         xxx Niky. 

mercoledì 11 gennaio 2017


Hello my dearest!!!! I cannot tell you how busy I'm at this time of the year. Nashville is the first week end of March but I'll be very busy in teaching in US before and after market.
So today I want to show you a little bit of my news.
 The first picture is about a new design for my Spring collection and it'll be one of the new six I'll have in Nashville.I'll post more alter so stay tuned!!!
Then, as I'm very busy and enjoing in dyeing linen and ribbon,  here my handdyed silk ribbon in a splendid old white just perfect for primitive or vintage projects, if you are interested in it please click here.
The last picture is about my new 32ct SAGE linen, so beautiful indeed. Soft, fine and so easy to stitch on.You can find this linen  on this link.
So here some of my news my friends, hope you enjoy them and please stay warm the first snow is coming here too.
keep on Stitching ...Niky