sabato 21 marzo 2020


 It's been long time but I dont' forget my blog, I really love to post but ..never enougth time!!!
Well, today I've many thing to show you. Starting from the first picture...who wants to stitch this beautifull supercute bunny??? Easy and simple could be a decoration for Easter or simply to use as scissors fob. You can find this kit on my Etsy HERE .
 ..and I enjoyed very much working with paper, so, here we go..lovely Jane Austen fashion needlebook, beautiful chrams as decoration, and old paper book inside. You can find them HERE.

...and a free for you gals!!! use colors you have and you prefere and public your work on my facebook group Nikyscreaitons primitive stitching group.
..and I publish a new floss tube....would you like to see it? please click HERE.

It's all for now. Keep on Stitching                 xxx Niky