mercoledì 30 aprile 2014


Hello my friends, today something special for me and my family.
My Mom is turning in her 80!! We did  a big party for her and I've the idea to make some pretty place holders for our lunch. I saved that beautiful old post card and added name ,date and greetings. Some crochet with perlè cotton thread is jsut the best ever!!!, how nice they are. Mom was really so happy for that and the party was just wonderful. happy Birthday Agnese..
more later my friends, have a happy creative Niky.

martedì 29 aprile 2014


 Hello my dear friends, sun is shining again on lago Maggiore and today I 'm very pleased to show you the secon kit for the World of Small Club!!! yes it's reayd to go, all the envelopes are set and I can hardly wait to send them!!

Everybody can still join the club , please write me for more information about The Club!!
have a happy and creative day my friends!!!                           xxx Niky.

giovedì 24 aprile 2014


 hello my friends!!! Today a little bit of cross stitch design. Here my Animal series number five.
MAY SHEEP, I couldn't resist to design and stitch it, how sweet! Hope you like it!!!
..and here a collage picture of the animals that I've already done, I just love that series and I'm enjoing so much in thinking about it! More animals are coming, one animal a month, keep in touch!!!
 May Sheep is on etsy  now. Happy stitching day my friends!!! xxx Niky.

martedì 22 aprile 2014



 Hello my friends, today I want to show you more crochet projects!!
I've been very busy setting kits and finishing new designs, layouts and I just needed to make something different, in these moments crochets helps!! I saved those lovely vintage photos and working  with my digital programme I made those beautiful tags!! the idea of thread keepers came little by little and obviously crochet gives the best touch! I need to work  a lot for my next summer market and those pretty thread keepers'll be part of the news!! Enjoy your stitching day my friends.                               xxx Niky.

sabato 19 aprile 2014


 Carissime amiche anche la Pasqua è arrivata , non sembra vero!!! Dopo pochi giorni di sole e di tepore siamo ricaduti nel grigio e nella pioggia, ma devo dire il nostro lago Maggiore è sempre molto bello e suggestivo.
 oggi desidero mostrarvi i segnaposto che ho preparato per la tavola di Pasqua. Ho foderato dei grossi anelli da tenda e li trasmormati in simpatiche 'faccine' di coniglio! un fiocchetto e io gioco è fatto!!
Saranno carine anche appese qua e là nella casa vestita a festa.
Vi auguro una serena Pasqua care amiche, a presto sintonizzate qui con altre news crocettose!!
Hello my friends, here we're, Easter is round the corner. It's amazing how time is passing so fast. We had such beautiful and sunny days last week and now rain and cold again.
But I've to tell you our Lago Maggiore is always so beautiful, I just love it with those grey colors.
Well today I wanto to show you my placeholders for Easter!
 I cover some wood rings  by crochet and I added two lovely hears, don't you think they're adorable bunnies??
Happy Easter my dear friends, see you soon here with lot of  cross stitch news.    xxx Niky.

martedì 15 aprile 2014


 Hello my dear friends, Rose vintage tags inspired me so much, and today I want to show you those lovely threadkeepers made with the same tags used for the' bookmarks crochet' You've seen in the last post..
..and very nice vintage style rings to hang the tag..don't you like them so much as I do???
 ..and french style little tags are the best for crochet bookmarks..
 ..and crochet thread keepers..!!!I called them Marie Antoniette thread keepers
 arent' they so sweet??

you can find Marie Antoniette Thread keeper here
and Vintage Rose thread keepers here enjoy your day my friends and  be creative!!  xxx Niky

Carissime le tags con le rose mi hanno molto ispirato e come potete vedere dalle foto  le idee non mi sono mancate..così ho pensato di utilizzarle  anche come porta filo insieme a questi anelli molto vintage e molto carini,che ne pensate? la stessa idea l'ho applicata alle tag di Maria Antonietta, delizioso lo  stile francese..e naturalmente la piccola puntina a crochet non poteva mancare. Molto lavoro ma risultato piuttosto appagante. Potrete trovare Vintage rose thread keepers qui
e Marie Antoniette Thread Keepers qui felice giornata creativa a tutte   xxx Niky

sabato 12 aprile 2014


..thinking of Spring I had that idea!!!!  lovely sweet tags with roses inspired me, I added some crochet on the bottom...

 ..and a long chaine with a very cute little flower.. some bookmarks very useful and so pretty!!! what do you think??
it's not time for roses yet , but hope you enjoy those Rose crochet bookmarks.
I wish you a very creative and happy weekend my friends!! ...until next time.               xxx Niky.

giovedì 10 aprile 2014


 Carissime, ho finalmente concluso anche il secondo kit della serie The World of Small Club.
Si accompagna decisamente bene questo delizioso cestino di fiori alla pecorella del primo kit

 ..questa volta il finishing è una etichetta porta filo, nel kit troverete tutto il necessario compreso il tessuto di lana a quadretti che decora la parte sotto del cestino e il cuore sul retro nonchè il piccolo spillo con la capocchia nera che decora il tutto. Adesso si parte con il lavoro dell'assemblamento dei kits da spedire!! qualcuno è disposto a darmi una mano??? Niky.

Hello my dear friends, I'm ready with the second kit of THE WORLD OF SMALL CLUB
I designed a very sweet basket of flowers keeping the palette of the first kit pincushion so you can have colors who match well in your stitching basket.
My idea for the finishing is a very nice thread keeper. In the kit you'll find everything for doing it including the wool to decore the front  and for making the  heart for the back, ...and the little pin too.
So sweet indeed!!! hope you'll enjoy in stitching and finishing it,is quickly , easy and so needlful to have in your stitching tools!
So let's start to set all the kits to send , they'll be ready at the end of April ... anybody would like to give me a hand ??? SMILE!!!! More later my dears...                          xxxNiky.

domenica 6 aprile 2014


 Hello my dear friends, Spring is in the air here on lago Maggiore!!! indeed!!! Birds are singing and tulips are blooming!!!Yes that's it!!! so let's think about something simple and quickly for our house in Spring.
Those lovely birds are really so sweet!!! you can hang them on a window or on a key, or just finish the design in a different way using your fantastic creativity.
 ..and how about tulips!!!! I finished them as flowers but they would be so nice as little pincushions or scissors keepers!!
 Birds e-pattern and Spring e-pattern are on Etsy now. Enjoy visiting!!
happy Spring Sunday day my dear friends!!!!!

mercoledì 2 aprile 2014


 Hello my dear friends, I'm working on new designs for my  ANIMAL SERIES, but in the meantime I'm enjoing doing some paper craft.
I found those lovely vintage pictures who inspired me very much in creating some pretty vintage thread keepers.
 They're really so sweet , they take me in the past in a peacefull  simple age ...

..hope you like them. Imagine by Cemenory.
until next time my dears and please try to have a  happy creative day.               xxx Niky.