domenica 6 aprile 2014


 Hello my dear friends, Spring is in the air here on lago Maggiore!!! indeed!!! Birds are singing and tulips are blooming!!!Yes that's it!!! so let's think about something simple and quickly for our house in Spring.
Those lovely birds are really so sweet!!! you can hang them on a window or on a key, or just finish the design in a different way using your fantastic creativity.
 ..and how about tulips!!!! I finished them as flowers but they would be so nice as little pincushions or scissors keepers!!
 Birds e-pattern and Spring e-pattern are on Etsy now. Enjoy visiting!!
happy Spring Sunday day my dear friends!!!!!

2 commenti:

Lili ha detto...

Both so pretty!!!

marly ha detto...

Your wonderful ideas continue! So simple, sweet, creative. Love them!