mercoledì 1 febbraio 2017


 Hello hello!!!!! happy first of February!!!!! So today is time to show you all  my new releases for Nashville market 2017. I'm so happy to show my news, I really those designs I think they are very sweet and I hope you think the same.
 If you're interested in them do not exitate to contact your local needleshop and be sure to book them for you.

 Blue Bunny kit is so cute, you can have everything you need inside of it: chart, finishing, thread, ribbon and this lovely wood bunny thread keeper...
 ..and how about Be Friend!!!! Friendship is so important, stitch it for your best friend, and enjoy!!!
 House of cooking is another design to add at the series HOUSE remeber sitching, quilting sewing...and so on...
So here they are my new releases for market, enjoy them and if 'll stitch one of those please share picture with us. Keep on Stitching xxx Niky.