lunedì 26 settembre 2016


Hello my dear friends!!! I'm just back from market, I had so much fun and I was so pleased to see all my friends again. Pictures are talking by themself. Enjoy!!! Keep on stitching and ...more later.

mercoledì 21 settembre 2016


Hello my dear friends, time flies really!!! ...and I'm ready to leave for Formigine Fall market in a bit. Here you can see all the items I'll bring with me. New designs, handmades, linen, all of these 'll be on my table this week end...are you coming??? 
All new patterns are already to distibutors and to shops so please contact your local needleshop to book them.
 If you prefere you can also  find them on my website
 As you know my friend Antonella lives in US so she'll take care to ship them very quickly.
Keep on Stitching                                                                         xxx Niky.
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Care amiche, il tempo vola davvero e siamo già arrivati  a Fili Senza tempo edizione autunno 2016!!! Nelle foto potete vedere tutto quello che troverete sul mio tavolo questo week end, con l'aggiunta di qualche altra sorpresa!!! 
Vi invito anche a visitare il mio sito dove troverete i nuovi schemi in vendita per chi non fosse in grado di venire al salone. Un abbraccio a tutte!!! xxx Niky.

sabato 10 settembre 2016


This is Animal farm stitch count 136 x 96 . I used my 32ct Old England linen , this is such a wonderful linen indeed, the color has an antique look perfect for my primitive style...
Leaves, 98 x 89 stitches on 32ct Old England linen. So soft and lovely colors, little wool acorns appliquè but you can use your taste and sew buttons or trim or ribbon...

Quilt of the season Halloween, so sweet 94 x 77 stitches on 32ct Old England Linen. Is this fun???
Purple Christmas. 91 x 72 stitches  32ct Purple linen. I really like this linen, so soft and regular and the color is just beautiful.
Petit Christmas Sampler 94 x 92 stitches on 28ct Vichy linen. I love this simple and primitive design and the gimgham linen is just perfect.
 Welcome Christmas 97 x 94 stitches on 32ct Old England linen. A lovely sweet  bag to hang in your  home for Christmas.

All of these news are already available to shops so please contact them . Linen is available also on my website so please visit.

Hope you like my new releases
                                                     keep on Stitching     xxx Niky

giovedì 8 settembre 2016


 Hello my dear friends, I want to share with you some pictures of my wonderful trip in England organized by my dear Friend Susan GreeningsDavis. I've no words to decribe all the beautiful things I saw. I had so much fun indeed. Everytime I go in England is like to be home for me. Maybe I was english in another life.
 Enjoy my friends... and more later with all my new releaes for Fall. Keep on Stiching                          xxx Niky.