giovedì 8 settembre 2016


 Hello my dear friends, I want to share with you some pictures of my wonderful trip in England organized by my dear Friend Susan GreeningsDavis. I've no words to decribe all the beautiful things I saw. I had so much fun indeed. Everytime I go in England is like to be home for me. Maybe I was english in another life.
 Enjoy my friends... and more later with all my new releaes for Fall. Keep on Stiching                          xxx Niky.

2 commenti:

annalizard ha detto...

so beautiful!
See you,

Annalisa from Italy

annalizard ha detto...

Mi sono accorta solo adesso che sei anche tu italiana!
Mi fa proprio piacere.
Anche io adoro il punto croce e mi fa piacere averti scoperto!
A prestissimo,