martedì 22 aprile 2014



 Hello my friends, today I want to show you more crochet projects!!
I've been very busy setting kits and finishing new designs, layouts and I just needed to make something different, in these moments crochets helps!! I saved those lovely vintage photos and working  with my digital programme I made those beautiful tags!! the idea of thread keepers came little by little and obviously crochet gives the best touch! I need to work  a lot for my next summer market and those pretty thread keepers'll be part of the news!! Enjoy your stitching day my friends.                               xxx Niky.

2 commenti:

cleme ha detto...

Sono bellissimi!!!!!! Ciao, Tinu

Charline ha detto...

Oh j'adore... Bravo c'est très joli
Gros bisous