lunedì 26 marzo 2007

Piccoli porta lavori. Little sewing bag.

Vi presento due bustine porta-tutto realizzate su lino Graziano con disegni di Carriagehousesamplings. Queste inconfondibili lettere di Kathy mi sono state utili in innumerevoli occasioni.

I'm showing you two little bags on Graziano linen, the designs are from Carriagehousesamplings. I used this alphabet so many times, they're really very usefull to me.

3 commenti:

Claudiaxstitch ha detto...

Anche io ho le letterine di Carriage: sono davvero utilissime!!! Complimentoni anche per i Goode Huswife... :D:D:D Amiche fortunate!

lena-lou ha detto...

I absolutely love your blog, my sister Su (Susimac) told me about your blog today. She was right in saying you do gorgeous things :-)) I will book mark you as well! Now, I am going to carry on having a look :-)

NIKY ha detto...

Nice to meet you Lena, I'm glad that you like it. If you go on the left of the blog page you can also see the old post if you like.