lunedì 3 novembre 2014


 hello my you like Angels??? ...I do very much. So I have some Angel kits  ready to be sent for you. Angel Kit thread keeper is coming with that beautiful wood thread keep inside just lovely and sweet for your Christmas sewing basket or as Christmas can find it on Etsy now!!!

...and if you don't want to stitch... here another Angel kit with  a beautiful velveteen dress and a very old french lace. You'll find everything for doing it inside the kit. Velveteen Angel kit is also on Etsy now!!!
Happy creative day my dear friends...               xxx Niky

4 commenti:

Kate ha detto...

Your angel kits are beautiful!!

gracie ha detto...

Love your designs

trillium ha detto...

That is really cute and would make a beautiful gift!

Sandra ha detto...

Such a great stitching project! Blessings, Sandra