giovedì 3 dicembre 2015


Hello my friends, it's really cold so cold and I'm so busy so busy!!!! Well Christmas is almost round the corner and I need to start decoration of our home, the best time of the year is coming and I can hardly wait.
Today I want to show you this little design you might stitch in a while indeed, use it as decoration or as token of friend gift, it's just adorable is'nt it? You can find this pattern on my Etsy and I hope you'll enjoy it very much.
Stay warm my friends and keep on stitching            xxx Niky.

Care amiche il freddo è davvero arrivato ed io mi sto godendo il tepore del mio caminetto ricamando e preparando cose nuove per la nuova stagione, Nashville show sarà a marzo  ma il tempo vola!!!
Oggi vi presento questo simpatico angioletto veloce da ricamare  che troverete sul mio Etsy, spero vi piaccia e che vi divertiate nel ricamarlo.
State al caldo e Happy stitching.                       xxx Niky.

2 commenti:

Kate ha detto...

Niky, your angel ornament is so lovely - I like how you finished it. Have fun decorating your home for Christmas.

Leonor ha detto...

hello friend, very beautiful angel.
I wish to express a concern, I love embroidery, but these days I'm ...... "paralyzed" ....... I do not take a needle ......... what I can do ??? It happened to you ???