domenica 3 aprile 2016

TWOSC 2016

Hello my dear friends, I'm working on the second kit for TWOSC 2016. It'll be a lovely Strawberry Pincushion. You're so many stitchers in this group but please if you're interested in joing it do not hesitate to write me for more information.
Registrations are still open and you're more than welcome to join.
...and I'm so happy and proud to show you here my class for Celebration of Needlework show. Yes I'll be in Nashua (NH) end of April, I'll teach this beautiful project and I'll bring charts and handmade to sell.
Please please get on Celebration of Needelwork web to get more information about...hope to see you there...can hardly wait!!
Keep on Stitching ...Niky.

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