venerdì 29 luglio 2016


Hello my dear friends, I'm so proud to show you something really new, I hope you like it. This is the second fabric designed by me from STITCHER COLLECTION.  This pretty little girl holding  a sewing basket and a needle 'll be perfect for your finishing. Colors are so soft and prim you're going to love it ...I hope.
That is the second of the series Stitcher Collection I guess you remember the first one with the little roses.
If you're interested in 'The girl' fabric please click here
If you're intertested in the one with the little roses click here 
Both of them are available for now , but hurry... everybody wants them!!!
See you soon my dear friends..keep on stitching!
                                                                                       xxx Niky.

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Doreen Frost ha detto...

These are WONDERFUL!!