lunedì 12 dicembre 2016

FOLK ANGEL e-pattern

 Hello my dearest, are you ready for Christmas?? Home is so busy during this time of the year!! I'm almost done with my decorations inside and out, but I'm still busy concentrating in doing the correct gift for everyone.
..and of course there's my job , my designs, my handy...and you my dearest  followers of mine!!! 
So, today I want to show you this sweet pattern called Folk Angel! Easy and simple to make and finish in the best way you want using your fantasy.
Folk angel e-pattern can be found here to download immediately, and if you want to stitch it on my Vichy linen like I did , which is just perfect for this particular design, you can find it  here
I wish you a very creative day with my Folk Angel e-pattern and please stay warm!!!
Keep on stitching                                 xxx Niky.

3 commenti: ha detto...

Beautiful work!

Clara ha detto...

Troppo carini questi angioletti. Complimenti!

Unknown ha detto...

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