sabato 15 aprile 2017


 Good morning my friends!!!! its' already Easter time and I'm finding myselfe so busy, busy like a Bee!!! I'm setting everything for Celebrations of Needlework in Nashua , the show'll be on the first week end of May and I can hardly wait to be there!!!
So I'm busy in setting kits for my class and for Round Robin kit. In the mean time I need to make more linen as I sold out in Nahsville and now I have to replace it, so here is my 32ct Sage, 32ct Antique rose and 32ct Steel. below is Steel the linen I used for my new chart tea for two isn't this so sweet?
 You can see all of my linen and order them on my website clicking on the link:  HERE

 ...and here is my class for CELEBRATIONS OF NEEDLEWORK !!! It's called Shepherdess Sewing Basket, isn't this so cute??? Only few spots are left so if you 're interested in taken this class please click on HERE for more information.

 ...and this little wood heart coverd with this sweet design is my Round Robin kit you can find in Celebration too. 
If you do not come in Celebrations of Needlework and you want to buy those kits please be free to write me : those kits'll be available for you at the end of May.
Well, it's all for now, I wish you a Blessing Easter ..
                                            Keep on Stitching            xxx Niky.

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beautiful post.
happy easter x