lunedì 26 giugno 2017


 Hello Hello!!!! here I'm!!! it's really so hot on Lago Maggiore, but fortunately my craft room is quite cool and I can work a little bit.
So I creatd something different for you during these days.
Spool scissors fob,  decorated with very old paper and silk robbon , with a beautiful pearl, stork scissors included, so sweet!!!I've only two of them left and you can find them on my website here
 ...those are wood needlecases decorated with very old paper and ladybugs and bee. Three handpainted pins included. You can find the ladybug here
..and the bee here
I've only one each left.

 ..and I'm enjoing so much in working with paper too, using beautiful Jane Austen images. So here my paper needlebooks with a pretty silk ribbon, vintage stickers, soft felt to keep your pin and needle safe. You can find them
and... here

hand painted pins included.

 Hope you like my newest, I love Jane Austen,  you know that, and working on paper is just so relaxing when is too hot for stitching.

..more later my friends, stay tuned!!! Keep on Stitching xxx Niky.

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