mercoledì 22 maggio 2019


 Hello my dearest, when the weather is good I'm really so excited  as I can handdyed more special beautiful linen  for you.

 This is 32ct Little Vichy Emerald, a lovely shade of green which I just LOVE!!! You can find it on my Etsy shop here
 This is 32ct. Cocoa Linen, a spectacular dark brown you can find  here

 This is my 32ct purple isn't it pretty? Purple is here
 This is Devon and you can find it here
..and this is LONDON so beautiful and new for you. You can find it here

5 commenti:

عبده العمراوى ha detto...
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LaNelle ha detto...

All spectacular colors!

TheCrankyCrow ha detto...

Ohhhh....that cocoa linen is stuff dreams are made of! Love it! ~Robin~

Unknown ha detto...

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