venerdì 22 luglio 2016


Hello my dear friends, I'm so happy at this time!!! I've been with my family to our son Cesare's degree in Wales. We had such wonderful time!!! Wales is so beautiful and we're so proud of our son!!! Well, I visited a little bit around and had the chance to meet my dear friend Michael Powel, the very famous cross stitch designer, he was so kind to show me Cardiff and some places around.
 I've to tell you I always love England so much!!!
So here some pictures ..enjoy!!! ..and stay tuned... more news are coming soon.
Keep on stitching                                     xxxNiky.

3 commenti:

Anonimo ha detto...

Congratulations to your son! Niky, you always look so put together - so chic!

marly ha detto...

What a beautiful place! Congratulations to your son and his proud parents.

Angie ha detto...

congratulazioni per il traguardo raggiunto da tuo figlio! e per la tua bella famiglia!
un abbraccio
A, ct